Sandcreek CoffeeSand Creek Coffee Roastery

It seems all quaint little websites aim to entice customers with a story and a cause. You know them when you see them. Something like this: Once upon a time two friends were eating bagels when… or It all began the day I realized our state had no fresh coffee. Perhaps it is a cause: Fridays are miserable and drear but we are here to help! Just buy our product… These are to entice people like you to buy things and stuff.

I suppose I have a cause. I mused for several years that it might be enjoyable to roast coffee. The story you may hear when you sit in your chair of evenings sipping a cup of fresh coffee. Sand Creek Coffee! Want to listen?


Sandcreek CoffeeThe joy of coffee…

When it comes to coffee you can’t let others tell you how to be happy. Some like it strong. Some insist on cream and sugar. And some folks argue that supermarket coffee in plastic cans tastes great! I suggest you conduct a series of experiments on your own starting with the sniff test. Open a can of supermarket coffee and open a bag of freshly roasted beans and follow your nose. Ready? Get some to smell.