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Brew Guide

Choose A Brew Method

Pour Over Try the classic pour-over method if you want the real essence of coffee. Smooth and rich. Begin with two tablespoons of freshly ground coffee. Heat water to  200 degrees. Fill the pour-over brewer about half full of water and stir gently to make sure the grounds are immersed in water. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds before adding more water to complete the pour over.

French Press

Coffee nerds like it freshly pressed. Press pot coffee is like pop with double the fizz! Use  two tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and water that has been heated to 190-200 degrees. After adding the water to the coffee press gently stir to mix it up. Press the coffee after four minutes. (Experiment with pressing the coffee in two or three minutes. This extracts more of the “front-end” flavors from the coffee.)

Auto Drip

How much ground coffee should you use per brewed cup of coffee? I suggest you start with the following: For 10 cups of brewed coffee use a scant 2/3 cup of beans (measured before grinding). If you have a 12 cup coffee pot use 2/3 cup beans plus a little. Try it and then adjust for your own taste.


Must you?  If you are making coffee for a crowd then perhaps you must. How many beans should you use for 30 cups? Start with two cups of beans for a 30 cup coffee pot. One of those huge 100 cup coffee pots?  Six to seven cups of coffee beans. Percolated coffee should be served as soon as possible once the brew cycle is complete. The longer it sits the more aroma it looses and it may pick up a scorched flavor. This method of brewing coffee is only a solution for crowds – really it isn’t quite real coffee.


Smooth and easy… that’s AeroPress. I like to begin with coffee ground pretty fine – much finer than a french press grind. I use the coffee scoop that came with the AeroPress – one level scoop. My electric kettle has a digital readout – when it reads 200 degrees I pour water over the grinds and stir it a couple times. Then press the coffee into a coffee cup. I often press the coffee within about 30 seconds. Add more hot water to the cup if the brew is too strong for your taste. Drink and repeat.